Lenox Terrace Association of Concerned Tenants

Serving the Lenox Terrace Community 

one apartment at a time!

How LT-ACT is working for you:

 Represents the LT community before the Rent Review Guidelines Board to speak against huge rent increases by the Guidelines Board.

 Assists individual tenants to help resolve apartment issues with management. Advocates for tenant quality of life issues such as security and maintenance issues.

Work with local political representatives to address quality of life issues in Harlem & at Lenox Terrace.

 Works with other affordable housing groups and several other large apartment complexes in NYC to lobby for tenants rights.

LT-ACT Officers in Albany lobbying for stronger tenant protections.

​​LT-ACT Officers:


Delsenia Glover




Elaine M. Williams

Recording Sec'y

Denise Glaude'

Corresponding Sec'y

Lenn Shebar

Financial Sec'y

Edward Dew


Veronica Glasgow

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The mission of the Lenox Terrace Association of Concerned Tenants (LT-ACT) is to:


I. Help ensure that adequate standards of physical maintenance and services are provided to the residents of Lenox Terrace


II. Gather and disseminate necessary information affecting the community and to act as a unified voice for the opinions of the Association as well as the community at large with common housing and community issues


III. Discuss and assist members of the Association as well as the community at large with common problems of urban living


IV. Do whatever is necessary and legally possible to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents within the property known as Lenox Terrace.


LT-ACT operates with volunteers only; there is no paid staff. Therefore, we depend upon the support of all tenants to continue our work to protect the rights and privileges of Lenox Terrace residents. The funds raised from memberships also assist us with the cost of legal services as necessary, and the day-to-day operations of the Association.


In addition, a percentage of your membership dues are allocated to your respective buildings to be used at your discretion. Typically, these allocated funds are used for gifts and flowers to the bereaved, sick and shut-ins during the holiday season, and other building projects.